Dentist Spotlight: Dr. Andre Singleton, DDS, Area Dental Director for West Texas

Dr. Andre Singleton recently earned Howard University College of Dentistry’s Distinguished Alumni Award for his outstanding service to the community and the dental profession during Howard University College of Dentistry’s 70th Class Reunion.  Dr. Singleton spoke with us about what this award, and his work in the community, means to him:

What year did you graduate and what year did you join Kool Smiles?
I graduated from Howard University in 1996 and joined Kool Smiles in 2008.

What does it mean to you to receive and be honored with this award?
This is a very big deal to me because it shows that I’ve been doing everything necessary as a graduate of this fine university to help the school and their students.  This award does not come easily, it takes an alumnus hard work and perseverance.

What did you value most from your education at the Howard University College of Dentistry?
I valued the ability to learn, network with my colleagues, and seeing that Howard University is among the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities, it made me proud to attend and graduate from this prestigious college and university.

What have been some of your favorite and most rewarding ways of giving back to the community and dental profession?
I valued the ability to do the Lunch and Learn seminars with the dental students, seeing them first confused and then later seeing those same dental students on a path for success.  It was also rewarding to do a classroom presentation on ethics, and last but not least, to help these students navigate their post dental school careers.

How has Kool Smiles helped you to make an impact and give back in the community after dental school?
Kool Smiles has allowed me to be part of the Texas Mission of Mercy, Oklahoma Mission of Mercy and New Mexico Mission of Mercy. Doing this allows me to make a huge impact on many communities and give back to the underserved patients that could not get dental treatment otherwise.

As an alumnus of the Howard University College of Dentistry, what advice do you have to students who are trying to pursue a career in the dental profession? 
First, you must plan and align your way forward, please get advice from someone who is doing what you want to do in your field of dentistry.

Once you are new doctors and have a license to treat patients remember this, someone is always watching and looking over your shoulder.  Whatever you do in your dental careers and whatever your choices are, always instill trust and drive results.  If you remember just those two things, I believe nothing can stop you.

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