Doctor Spotlight: Dr. Sajini Chandran, DMD

Dental school and degree: University of Illinois at Chicago, DMD Class of 2015

Current position: Associate Dentist, Kool Smiles Little Rock

When did you start working for Kool Smiles (and in what role)?  

I started working at Kool Smiles as a part-time Dental Assistant in 2011. After going on to get my dentistry degree, I came back to Kool Smiles in 2017 – this time as a dentist!

Why did you decide to become a dentist?

My childhood experiences with my own dentist made me curious about dentistry. The more I learned about dentistry, the more I was convinced that I wanted to pursue it as a career.  There are several things I like about dentistry.  For example, being able to work with my hands and helping people achieve that healthy beautiful smile are some important aspects.  It also provides a great work life balance when compared to other health care professions.

What made you decide to return to Kool Smiles after dental school?

I already knew many team members and the fact that I already knew them was a major reason. Also, I knew the environment and work culture at Kool Smiles makes it a great place to work.

What do you love most about your job (both generally and working at Kool Smiles specifically)? 

I love the fact that a majority of my patients are kids.  This gives me a great opportunity to address their issues and make an impact early in life so that when they grow up they become adults who know the importance of their teeth, taking good care of them and seeking dental care without any fear.

What has changed for you at Kool Smiles since returning as a dentist?

I see several positive changes.  The clinic has grown so much.  There are two general dentists and an orthodontist now.   We also see a lot more patients.

How do you see your work at Kool Smiles making a difference in the community? 

A majority of our patients are from lower socio-economic backgrounds and Kool Smiles provides dental services that are more accessible to them. Dental care is provided in a very professional manner and in a modern clinic setup.  Also, many of our patients travel a long distance to be seen since there are no facilities near them that will accept their insurance. I believe we are making a difference by providing accessible care to patients who need it.

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