February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

This month is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and it’s an excellent time to remind your young patients of the importance of taking care of their teeth. For many of your pediatric patients, you are their first introduction to dental health education of any kind. The impact you can have on their future oral health can be greater than you realize. Your job is to educate both child and parent in order to help your patients keep their baby teeth healthy and cavity-free, and that can be quite a challenge. Kool Smiles has developed some very simple tools that might make your job just a little bit easier.

Educate Kids with Kool Smiles Activity Sheets

The waiting room presents a great opportunity to educate young patients on oral health. Visit http://www.mykoolsmiles.com/forkids, where you can download and print over 60 fun-filled activity sheets. Here, you’ll find a variety of activities including coloring sheets, connect-the-dots, snack ideas, oral health calendars, and more! Leave these activity sheets, along with crayons or markers, on waiting area tables. Alternatively, you can give printed activity sheets to parents to take home.

Look to our Lesson Plans for Inspiration

One of your roles as dentist is educator, to both patient and parent. Kool Smiles has created lesson plans for grades K–5, which help kids learn about things such as how diet can affect oral health, how cavities form, and what a toothache means. In the lesson plans, you’ll find printable activity sheets, fun experiments, and games. Although these lesson plans are traditionally used by teachers in a classroom, they can be a great supplement to educating children in a clinic setting as well. And, since these lesson plans are free, you can share them with teachers in your community to help educate children in your community.

As a dentists, you understand how important healthy baby teeth are to a child’s overall well being. This month is a reminder to all those in the dental health profession that teaching good oral health habits to kids can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles!