Kool Smiles Spotlight: Dr. Kimberly Brown – Area Dental Director and 2018 Smiley Award Winner

Dental school and degree:

  • University of Mississippi School of Dentistry

Current position:

  •  Area Dental Director

Number of years working with Kool Smiles:

  •  10 years

Why did you decide to become a dentist?

  •  I became a dentist after attending the Summer Science Program at Tougaloo College in Jackson, MS.  I observed a very successful dentist during my time in the program.  He taught me that dentists provided a greatly needed service to the community and  have a much better work/life balance than most physicians.  He also had a great drive and excitement for what he was doing.  I knew at that point that I wanted what he had.  I wanted to be happy making a difference in the lives of others.

What made you choose Kool Smiles as your professional home?

  •  I chose Kool Smiles as my professional home because of our mission to the underserved.  As a patient in the dental office as a kid, I witnessed patients who didn’t have dental insurance or government insurance receive subpar customer service because they did not have commercial insurance.  I overheard many negative comments stated about them.  I said that I would never treat people any differently because of their ability/inability to pay.  Kool Smiles provides me with the opportunity to live this mission and receive professional fulfillment and growth at the same time.

Why did you choose a DSO-affiliated dental practice over private practice?

  •  I chose a DSO-affiliated practice simply because I wanted a work/life balance.  I felt that I would be afforded the opportunity to practice dentistry, grow professionally, and meet the needs of the community I vowed to serve.  Kool Smiles is the company that provided me with everything I was looking for.

What is a typical day like at Kool Smiles?

  •  A typical day for me consists of making sure our patients receive the best treatment possible.  I’m constantly observing patient interactions with the staff in order to make sure we are offering the service we expect to receive when we are in an office.  I also provide dental care to the great patients in our area practices.  This is also combined with multiple doctor touches to ensure our doctors within our area are supported at all times.

What do you love most about your job (both generally and working at Kool Smiles specifically)?

  •  I love seeing the smiles on our patients’ faces and getting to know the patients we serve.  We have the best patients ever.  They constantly say and do things that easily make my day.  Kool Smiles employees are also a lot of fun.  We have an awesome time while providing quality care to our patients.

How do you see your work at Kool Smiles making a difference in the community?

  • At Kool Smiles our mission is to make a difference in the communities where we are located.  We strive to bring access to people who otherwise might not have it.  We give patients in our communities an option to receive quality care.  Quality care should have no boundary.  It should be available to all people.  Kool Smiles helps to make sure this happens.

What would you tell dentists who are considering a career with Kool Smiles?

  • Kool Smiles has been an excellent career choice for me.  I have grown clinically and professionally.  My ability to manage others has grown due the exceptional training I’ve received while here.  I’ve grown from an Associate Dentist to State Dental Director and now Area Dental Director.  There is an avenue for all dentists depending on your career interests.  We pride ourselves in making sure that we develop doctors to take on whatever role they desire.  Support is the key.   If that’s what you seek, in addition to financial stability, Kool Smiles is a great fit.

What did winning the Smiley award this year mean to you?

  • Winning the Smiley Award gave me the confirmation that what I do for others is recognized by others.  I don’t seek recognition, but it really made me appreciate the group of people who have invested in my success.  It made me appreciate my colleagues who have supported me in each of my roles.  It  made me appreciate the patients who have chosen Kool Smiles because of the care we provide.  It ultimately gave me the realization that what I do makes a difference in the lives of others.  It made me realize that I am doing what I set out to do at an early age.

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