Kool Smiles Spotlight: Dr. Rachel Equihua – General Dentist

Dental school and degree: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bradenton, FL à DMD

Current position: General Dentist

Number of years working with Kool Smiles: 4 months

Why did you decide to become a dentist? A lot of prayer and staying open to God’s plan

What made you choose Kool Smiles as your professional home?  I heard so many great things about Kool Smiles but mostly I just wanted to work with kids!

Why did you choose a DSO-affiliated dental practice over private practice?  I have the opportunity to work part-time right now which gives me more time at home with my son and I wouldn’t trade that for anything!

What is a typical day like at Kool Smiles? No day is ever the same! I always start out with prayer and leave the rest up to God.

What do you love most about your job (both generally and working at Kool Smiles specifically)? It keeps me thinking, I get to work with my hands doing artsy and science-y things. The teams I work with in Fort Smith and Little Rock are so on top of it, and I love that Kool Smiles allows me to meet so many great kids and parents.

How do you see your work at Kool Smiles making a difference in the community?  I hope that by educating my patients and their parents that they are making better choices and taking responsibility for their health.

What would you tell dentists who are considering a career with Kool Smiles?  You have to love kids! If you don’t, you probably won’t enjoy your time day-to-day. If you do, you will never dread coming to work here!


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