Traveling/Multi-Site Dentist: Earn Up to $825/day + $2400/month

Earn Up to $825/day plus additional $2400/month in guaranteed compensation as a Traveling / Multi-Site Dentist.

Kool Smiles Traveling / Multi-Site dentists enjoy a 4 day work day but are paid for 5 days! Enjoy seeing a variety of patients and meeting new people as you travel, no relocation required. You can live and enjoy the benefits of big city living, while still meeting the needs of underserved patients in offices across your state.

We recognize that this role is unique! As a result, we have put together a package for our traveling dentists that is different from our traditional package. As a traveling dentist you will enjoy:

  • Additional guaranteed compensation
  • $20k sign on bonus
  • All travel expenses are covered
  • Additional week of paid time off
  • No weekend work or travel required

Check out our current Traveling Dentist Jobs:

If you are someone who likes to travel, enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places this could be a great job for you! Plus, this role enjoys the same long term career path as our Associate Dentist role – including ownership opportunities, leadership positions, etc. You can always transfer to an office permanently as well should the travel lifestyle no longer meet your needs!

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